Go ahead. Let it rain.

Spey has you covered. Our umbrella is handmade in England with heritage craftsmanship and exquisite detailing. Select from two handle expressions in honeyed maple and horn inlay for a distinctive profile that’s anything but ordinary.

The Spey Umbrella Icon
Two Spey Umbrella Handles
Strumming in the Rain with the Spey Umbrella

An umbrella that marries function and fashion

Handcrafted using the finest materials in centuries-old English tradition, the Spey umbrella boasts a canopy of midnight blue in high-grade, water-repellant polyester stretched over an 8-rib steel tube frame for lasting quality and a sleek, slim profile.

The length of the umbrella is approximately 36 in. from handle to ferrule, and comes complete with a matching sleeve for a chic presentation when folded. A sliding gilt tip cup, engraved with the Spey logo, further protects your umbrella when closed. When opened, the umbrella is roughly 41 in. in diameter.


Two handles, both alike in dignity

Select from two handle expressions to match your personality: the striking honeyed maple to brighten a dreary day, or the enigmatic English bovine horn inlay. Both are given an elegant and water-wicking high gloss finish for arriving in style even during drizzly weather.


Strumming in the rain

Continuing our commitment to champion arts and artists in the District, Spey tapped experimental bassist Daniel Ostrow to debut the signature umbrella.


Umbrella care

Each Spey umbrella has been hand-assembled with precision craftsmanship. Under proper care, it will protect you from the elements for years to come.

  • Men and women of distinction rarely venture out in gales and torrents. The Spey umbrella is designed for normal weather conditions.
  • Engage the tip cup by sliding it over the gathered tips when not in use. This protects the tips from getting caught, pulled, or bent.
  • Open the umbrella pointing downwards, lifting the ribs slightly to slide the umbrella open.
  • After use, leave your umbrella open to dry whenever possible, as the air flow quickly dissipates moisture that may cause rust if left for extended periods.
  • When dry, the umbrella may be furled for storage. Disengage the canopy and smooth the fabric in a circular motion, without twisting the ribs over each other. The closure band may then be fastened.
  • A matching sleeve is provided to further protect your umbrella when closed. This also eliminates the need for disposable plastic bags when coming in from the rain.