Purchase the wave pendant or flora earrings and Spey will make a donation in support of classically-trained opera singer Narda Muñoz of Colombia, who this autumn travels to Europe in pursuit of opera perfection.


Spey of DC Supports Opera with Song to the Moon Aria

Poised like a moon and its reflection over water, the Spey wave pendant is a fitting pair to the aria “Song to the Moon,” which Narda sings from Dvořák’s Rusalka (go behind the story). The akoya, Tahitian pearl and diamond jewelry simply quivers beneath Narda’s magnificent voice. What could be more beautiful than this? Your patronage. Each purchase forms a scholarship for Narda as she begins studies in Bologna, Italy, with renowned soprano Beatrice Bianco and conductor Stefano Seghedoni. Art supporting art. Isn’t that perfectly lovely? Shop now: