Pearl Lapel Pins for Men

Spey Pearl Lapel Pins for Men

A Pearl Fit for a Stud

If you’re tired of loud pocket squares or the ubiquitous paper flower, lend a bit of distinction to your lapel. This is a man’s pearl – the perfect dash of dapper for the modern gentleman. This is elegance whittled down to manliness. This is the pearl lapel pin.

Most men follow a one-piece-at-a-time rule for jewelry. That leaves you with one shot to make an impression. So why not make the most of that lapel real estate with a signature piece? The lapel pin, or stickpin, has been a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe for over 200 years. Fashioned originally to pin the folds of a cravat, the pin migrated from the neck to the lapel and never looked back.

Lapel pins are composed of three parts: the long metal pin, the collar that slides up and down the pin to fasten it in place, and the cap. This last piece could be made of any odd bits the occasional aristocrat had laying about – gold, flower, diamond, paper or pearl. Yes, pearl: that lustrous orb forged from the ocean depths and brought to land after much peril and pursuit. The pearl is right to claim its place atop a lapel pin. It is the perfect foil to any dress or occasion.

The pearl is all-season and bold enough to stand up to the loudest or toughest material – from tartan to wool. Better still, its classic lines transition well to pairings with silks and fine linens. For a more casual style, match the shade of pearl to textural jackets: rich Tahitian pearls with dark suits and denim, or lighter South Sea pearls with khakis and whites. For a more formal look, contrast is key. The pop of a lustrous white pearl against a midnight blue lapel will give you a standout look at weddings and leave the bridesmaids in a swoon.

After you’ve bolstered your own look, pearl lapel pins are the perfect gift for groomsmen, dapper fathers, guys who have everything, and just about any man who can rock a suit. Crafted of fine materials and exceptional design, the pearl lapel pin stands for both heritage and nowness. And given the ecological benefits and sustainability of pearling, the pearl lapel pin gives a friendly nod to the future. Spey is proud to curate this collection for the modern man.

How to Wear a Pearl Lapel Pin

The ideal way to wear your pearl lapel pin is by piercing your lapel, buttonhole, or boutonnière hole and securely fastening the pin in place. Yet there is no one way to style a pearl lapel pin. If you are opting for the more traditional look, follow the steps below for the perfect pearl placement.

  1. Select a position on your lapel. Typically, this falls just above the heart on your left side.
  2. Before pinning, confirm the position of the pearl lapel pin in the mirror. This will limit the number of threads you disrupt repositioning the pin.
  3. Pierce the fabric or boutonniere hole with the point of the pin. Continue the pin through the back of the lapel or emerge through the front for an alternate look.
  4. Slide the fastener securely over the end of the pin, holding the lapel pin in place to prevent loss or movement.

Style your pearl lapel pin to suit your individual personality. The below gents show some alternate ways of fastening and wearing the pin.

Spey Pearl Lapel Pin for Men
Spey Pearl Lapel Pin for Men
Spey Pearl Lapel Pin for Men

If you are without a lapel or are looking to protect the fabric, there are still many ways you may style your pearl lapel pin. Wear the pin midway down your tie to clip it in place, or just under the dimple for a more formal look. The pin may also bridge the two points of your collar, with the bar resting just behind the knot of your tie. Dressing up other accessories? Pin the pearl through the strap of your hat, suspenders or bag. Your pearl lapel pin is sure to lend a bit of distinction wherever it rests.

Shop Pearl Lapel Pins

Shop the collection of Spey pearl lapel pins and add a dash of dapper to your lapel. Spey offers three pearls to enhance your lapel: lustrous South Sea, golden South Sea, and exotic Tahitian pearls mounted on a 14k gold or white gold plated alloy pin. Each pearl is an individual expression; get in touch to let us know whether you prefer a pearl more round or baroque in shape and we will craft a Spey lapel pin truly authentic to you.