Flex Your Mussels to Save the River Spey
Flexing Muscles in Support of the River Spey

Flex your #MusclesForMussels

Join Spey in saving an endangered species of freshwater mussel, one selfie at a time. Here’s how you can help spread the word:

Pose for a Selfie to Save the River Spey

Take your best shot while giving us your best flex. You don’t have to be a gym-selfie regular to be proud of your inner strength.

Post and Tag Spey

Tag @Spey using #MusclesForMussels on Twitter or Instagram. And while we’re getting social, give us a follow for exclusive luxury access.

One Lucky Winner Receives a Gift from Spey

One lucky winner who flexes their #MusclesForMussels will receive a $250 gift card to shop the Spey collection. Ooh, la la!

Will you help spread the word to save a species?