Corporate Gifts from Spey Pearls

A Gift to Remember

Each gift of Spey comes wrapped for delivery in signature tailored packaging. Wouldn’t you like to make someone’s #SpeyDay with a surprise delivery of pearls? A gift is one of the most endearing ways to tell someone that you are there, that you care, and that you are glad to have him or her in your life. No matter the occasion (it’s even better without one), the gift of Spey is always well received.

There’s Layers to Our Luster

The heart of every Spey gift is the pearl jewelry within. Your pearls will arrive cozily nestled inside our signature blue suede envelope, which features a magnetic closure and two compartments for separating component pieces and preventing abrasions to your pearl jewelry. Designed for a stylish woman on the go, the suede envelope is made for both efficient travel and secure pearl storage.

The Spey suede envelope is then slipped into an embossed linen pillow box, which is trussed in a midnight blue ribbon. This is then placed inside a scarlet Spey shipping box, wrapped to perfection, and posted to the address of your direction. It is important to us that your gift of pearls is delivered safely and in style, and leaves the recipient a-flutter with anticipation.

Give a gift in true style with complimentary gift-wrapping from Spey. Our award-winning (yes, that’s right) gift-wrappers ensure that each crease, pleat or fold is just right before tying the finishing scarlet bow. We believe that opening a gift should be an experience, so we work to make sure each gift that carries the Spey name feels special and is one that we would be proud (and oh-so-excited) to open.


A Handwritten Note is Always in Style

We find that the simplest touches are often the most meaningful; a handwritten note from our founder accompanies each gift of Spey. If you would like to include a personalized gift message (a heartfelt anecdote, a favorite poem, or even a proposal), we will pen your message on a Spey note card, to be tucked inside a matching linen envelope and placed within your excellently wrapped gift.

If you require a customized message or to make special arrangements, please contact us to discuss giving the gift of Spey.

Spey Duchess Pearl Pendant Necklace
Don a Bit of Spey Pearl Luster

Let’s Not Forget About the Earth, Shall We?

Why didn’t we choose to package our pearls in conventional jewelry boxes? Too often, these are discarded the moment they are opened. Bulky and wasteful, conventional jewelry boxes did not meet our exacting standards and commitment to keeping our planet green. Instead, we created a line of packaging designed for reuse: the Spey blue suede envelope packs efficiently into luggage and slips easily into jewelry cases and wardrobes. We’ve also seen beloved Spey patrons repurpose it as a card wallet or change purse. Other elements to our gifting suite are made from recycled papers and linen, which cuts down on our environmental impact.

Want to learn more about how Spey is helping our planet? Explore our work to preserve and protect an endangered species. It’s a good day to wear pearls!


Hand Delivery in Washington, DC

As a proud and authentically Washingtonian business, Spey stands behind each and every order, which is why we love meeting our neighbors who love fine pearls! When possible to residents of DC and the surrounding metropolitan area, a Spey representative will hand deliver your gift of pearls. Imagine the surprise and elation when a gift of Spey is delivered; the room lights up with luster lust! For deliveries outside the greater Washington, DC area or when schedules do not permit, gifts are delivered via an insured carrier.