Modern Woman Wears Tie, Pearl Necklace and Pearl Earrings

The Perfect Pearl for Every Occasion

Pearls are often the go-to gem for understated elegance and classic chic, but pearls don’t back down from trends and trendsetters. From haute couture on the runway to easy Bohemian in the coffee shop, pearls can be styled to fit any look. A demure, princess-length strand of pearls is a corporate staple. Both feminine and…

Bride Chooses Pearls for Bridal Jewelry

The Bride Wore Pearls

There is nothing more classic than a bride in pearls. The traditional necklace for walking down the aisle, pearls have been associated with marital harmony for thousands of years. So what pearl jewelry is perfect for the big day? The answer is simple: whatever the bride likes best, but here are some tips for choosing…

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