Paul Ashe and the Board of Chamber Dance Project - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

Spey Salutes One Brilliant Week for Art in DC

DC is known for many things, some less savory than others. But aside from the politics and the great divide between left and right, there is one thing that unites Washingtonians together: the arts. There is nothing quite like that peaceable hush that befalls a theatre just before curtain rise. The audience may very well…

Timeless in Pearls at the Oscars - Spey Fine Jewelry in Washington DC

Timeless in Pearls at the Oscars®

Spey is no stranger to the red carpet. From our home in Washington, DC, we festoon fabulous women in pearls – whether for struts down the red carpet of the Kennedy Center, or for promenades down the red carpet to a delightful event like the Oscars. Of course, we think every day is a good…

The Art of Peacocking with Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

The Art of Peacocking

Of all the creatures that walk the earth, few put on a grander display than the proud peacock. Plumage of fiery iridescence ignites rippling colors and dramatic flashes of light, as the regal bird struts along its way. But why are we, a fine pearl jeweler in Washington, DC, discussing a bird native to the…

Strand Up for Love this Valentine's Day with Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

Strand Up for Love

This Valentine’s Day, win her heart with the timeless elegance of a strand of Spey pearls. Now through Monday, the entire collection of pearl strands is on sale, even custom pieces. Shop from classic favorites like the akoya pearl strand or Tahitian peacock pearl strand, or explore unique statement necklaces of multicolor grey pearls or…

What Would Eleanor Wear? Insights from Spey Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

What Would Eleanor Wear?

Few First Ladies have attained near universal adoration and reverence as Eleanor Roosevelt – often dubbed the “First Lady of the world.” During her tenure in the White House (she still has the distinction of being America’s longest-serving First Lady), Eleanor Roosevelt forged a new role for the wife of the president. No longer was…

Feeling Chilly? Reach for Your Pearls from Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

Feeling Chilly? Reach for Your Pearls

It’s cold. Anyone who has stepped outside in our beloved Washington, DC these last couple weeks will tell you the same. The weather is simply, bone-chillingly, unavoidably, uncomfortably cold. We hunker against the penetrating wind and turn with hurried step to the nearest hearth and rippling fire. We’ve even learned a new word: bomb cyclone….

Spey Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC Rings in 2018 with New Hand Candy

Spey Rings in 2018 with New Hand Candy

New Year, new style! Celebrate the dawn of the next chapter in your life with a fabulously lustrous pearl ring from Spey. Dazzling in their designs and stunning in their elegance, Spey pearl rings capture all the best that pearls give us, in one small sizzle of beauty on the right or left hand. This…

You Shop and We Give at Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

You Shop, We Give

Join Spey at Hu’s Shoes this Friday evening for a special after-hours trunk show featuring fine pearl jewelry, designer handbags, and exquisite shoes. Want even more to love? While you’re picking the perfect pieces to style your holiday, 15% of all purchases from the Spey collection will be donated to support river and marine conservation….

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