Corporate Gifts for the Discerning Business

Thoughtful, heartfelt corporate gifts are the perfect way to share a little kindness with your colleagues. There is always an occasion to say thank you to the team that goes that extra mile, the chief of staff who drives you forward, the partners who confidently steer your firm, or the clients who grow with you and your business. At Spey, we make the confident CEO or director look like a rock star by delivering an exceptional, tailored gift to the deserving, special someone. Whether a simple expression of thanks or a grand gesture of gratitude, a gift of Spey pearls will make a lasting impression.

Why pearls?

Think outside the box and inside the jewelry box. Pearls are always appropriate and collectively recognized as classically chic. The organic gems have come to represent purity, integrity, health and longevity – deserving attributes for any dedicated employee. What’s more, a strand of pearls may last for generations, implying commitment and heritage for your brand and your company.

Pearling is also one of the most ecologically conscious and sustainable industries, helping to reinvigorate marine ecosystems, redevelop corals and reefs, and remove chemical and waste pollutants in our oceans. The story of how a pearl is formed is a perfect allegory for the employee that has been with the company through good times and bad, and helped it rise to the top.

A Matter of Style and State

The Spey team is proudly at your service every step of the way, from sitting down with you to understand your needs and then researching the recipient to better know their aesthetic, to wrapping and delivering a truly spectacular and appreciated gift. From our home in Washington, DC, Spey delivers pearls of classic style and lustrous beauty. A subtle and quiet luxury, Spey pearls are a rich, yet discreet expression of quality.

Whether you are looking to reward a service anniversary or astound a visiting dignitary, perfect corporate gifts come from Spey pearls.

Corporate Gifts from Spey Pearls