Akoya Pearls

When most think of pearl jewelry, the picture that flashes before the mind’s eye is one of harmony, symmetry and flawlessness: rows of glistening, excellently-matched pearls nestled side-by-side in chic strands and bracelets. These are the qualities of fine akoya pearls. The proof is in the wearing: a warm, soft glow illuminates the face and frames one’s features to perfection. Spey carries on this timeless tradition and sets the absolute finest quality akoya pearls into fabulous earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Spey Akoya Pearls and Fine Jewelry in Washington DC
Akoya Pearls from Spey Fine Jewelry in Washington DC
Fine Akoya Pearls and Pearl Jewelry from Spey

With brilliant luster and delicate beauty, Japanese akoya pearls are synonymous with classic elegance. Subtle overtones from pink to blue over an ethereal eggshell white give akoya pearls an enchanting allure, while an almost mirror-like surface and perfect roundness ensure akoya pearls are the go-to pearl for simply demure Spey jewelry. Where to begin? Stud earrings are elevated to distinction with the lustrous akoya pearl, and a pendant is de rigueur for any well-curated jewelry collection.

Discover the Magic of Akoya Pearls

There is no occasion too great or too small for the subtle radiance of these organic gems. An opera length strand of akoya pearls creates a dramatic statement for a night at the theatre, while a solitary pearl clutched in gold is a pendant that can be with you for all of life’s moments. An akoya tennis bracelet? The ladies at your next luncheon will be much too jealous.

For a piece of fine jewelry that transitions from daytime to evening with an airy, graceful ease, one need look no further. Let the craftsmen at Spey design a piece that embodies true stylishness and refinement – a piece of singular distinction that will last generations. Simply drop Spey a note and our team of designers will create a piece that is unmistakably you. After all, the world is your oyster.

Akoya pearls bring the timeless beauty of harmony and grace to your fingertips. Explore life with luster and discover the renowned akoya pearls and pearl jewelry from Spey.