Style and State: Spey South Sea Pearl Pendant

The quintessential statement in pearls

Spey adorns the necks of the most powerful women in the world in pearls. From our home in the nation’s capital, we take as our muse an internationally forged culture rich in art and distinction. As bubbles crown Champagne, so do pearls crown a woman, and we infuse the Spey collection with fluidity, effervescent spirit and timeless style. Spey collaborates with avant-garde designers, celebrated individuals and high couture fashion to create spectacular pieces of pearl jewelry. With the pride of American design and the luster of pearl – the noblest of gems – each piece radiates a tactile craftsmanship and manifest style that is distinctively Spey.

The natural beauty of our pearls takes origin from our unwavering commitment to provenance. Specialists in our field, we rigorously select, qualify and pair the pearls that compose our jewelry. Only the most stunning make it into the Spey collection. Add a dash of luster to your wardrobe with a custom Spey creation, shop the ready-to-wear line for pearls of classic elegance and design, or get in touch for heirloom pearl restoration. Where the silk threads of art and craftsmanship intertwine, the Spey collection is born.

A matter of style and State

Within our capital’s hallowed halls the visiting royals, ambassadors, dignitaries and attachés make quite a stir. From the fluttering rustle of taffeta and chiffon across the crimson carpet of a Kennedy Center intermission to the muffled tap-tap-tap of a heel on the inlaid floors of a White House reception, there is one sound that above all exemplifies an evening in DC: the gentle clack of a tumbling pearl necklace. The favored gem of the First Lady’s coterie, the pearl epitomizes the stately style of a Washingtonian woman – a style that takes flight in Spey.

We’re flexing our mussels.

Join Spey as we work to preserve a critically endangered species of freshwater mussel.

Scattered Spey Pearls

A company upon a hill

This level of patronage is earned in authentically Washingtonian fashion: with pride in our commitment to sustainable luxury, relentlessly exceptional service, and the community around us. Our belief in the lustrous future of the District inspires Spey to work passionately for our neighbors and to challenge our peers to do the same. With missions to support the arts, the environment, and those who serve our country, Spey is uniquely positioned to work toward a better and more beautiful Washington, DC.


The unique personality of Spey jewels is born of the interplay between tension and movement, an act analogous to the artistry of ballet. Spey is proud to share this common vision of creative impulse, and to champion the culture of Washington, DC. Whether expressed as ballet, symphony, opera, or canvas, all art is an application of humanity that deserves to be fostered. Spey works with institutions across the District to underwrite productions, fund creative explorations, and expand their impact within the community.

An evening in DC is not complete without a touch of the arts, and the arts are not complete without a dash of pearls.


It is our honor to work with those on active duty, retired from the Military, or members of the National Guard and Reserves to give the gift of Spey to a loved one. We recognize that these individuals spend years from their families so that we may live comfortably with ours. For that devotion, each member of the Armed Forces gets the Spey family discount.

By offering pearls at reduced or no cost to America’s troops, Spey is helping United States servicemen and women thank those that have supported them. Get in touch to learn more about how Spey gives back to those who defend our freedom, or volunteer with us at special moments throughout the year.


Spey is honored to take its name from the graceful trickle and minuet of the Scottish River Spey. In homage to this inheritance, Spey works to preserve and protect the threatened habitats throughout Scotland that native pearl mussels call home. These mussels, now one of the most critically endangered mollusks in the world, are key indicators of water purity and river health.

The River Spey is one of the global strongholds of this rare species and has been designated a special area of conservation. While ongoing illegal fishing and pollution from engineering work threaten remaining populations, Spey supports campaigns that educate and empower local Scots to care for their rivers. This exciting new project will act to safeguard important populations of the mussels for generations to come.

Spey sells beautiful pearls, lends impeccable service, and gives passionately to the community. If that sounds like a company you would choose to patron, it would be our pleasure to have you try something on.