We Love You, Too

We Love You, Too - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington, DC

Often, when a beautiful set of pearl earrings or lustrous Spey strand leaves our doors, we wonder what lovely wardrobe it will call home, or whose fabulous skin it will adorn. We take much pride in our craftsmanship and the exquisiteness of our jewels, so each time the register rings, it’s like a baby bird leaving the nest for the first time. Let that luster fly! Or perhaps we’re overly sentimental…

Either way, we love using our pearl powers for good and are thrilled when our customers share their Spey stories with us. And while many of our customers call the District home, this Valentine’s Day we felt the love well beyond the borders of Washington, DC. Here are a few kind messages from some of our wonderful pearl lovers around the country.

How was your experience with Spey?

  • “An absolute triumph! Well done, beautifully presented, and a lovely note. One very happy lady and I’m so grateful for the personalized touches – it makes a huge difference. Apparently, we’re looking for a strand next!” Reston, Virginia
  • “[My wife] is enjoying her earrings very much! I would add that they are exactly as I’d hoped, and that you made the entire experience super easy for me. If I’d been dealing with someone else, I probably would’ve felt much more anxiety about the whole business. However, because it was you, I felt very comfortable with the purchase. Thanks so much. Rest assured, that if in need of any pearls in future, we’ll be looking to you again.” Marion, Illinois
  • “Success! The necklace was a big hit. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know much about pearls (or how fascinating your world is), but I’m very grateful for your insight, integrity, and helpfulness in selecting the perfect piece.” New Haven, Connecticut

If you’re thinking of investing in the luster of pearls, we’d be delighted to have you try something on. Shop the collection of exquisite pearl pieces or let us know if there’s a custom creation our jewelers can design for you. It’s a good day to wear pearls!