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We Love You, Too

We Love You, Too - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington, DC

Often, when a beautiful set of pearl earrings or lustrous Spey strand leaves our doors, we wonder what lovely wardrobe it will call home, or whose fabulous skin it will adorn. We take much pride in our craftsmanship and the exquisiteness of our jewels, so each time the register rings, it’s like a baby bird…

It’s Valentine’s Day, Baby!

Valentines Day at Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

Paper hearts pepper windows, chocolates part expectant lips, and love lets Washington dream. It could only be Valentine’s Day. Here in the nation’s capital, shades of red and pink festoon every storefront and restaurant, beckoning lovers both young and old to celebrate romance within. And many a lucky lady will come home to find a…

Five Years of Luster

Five Years of Luster - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry of Washington, DC

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating more than love. We’re raising a toast to five years of luster with Spey. And what a wonderful five years it has been. When we launched our decadent little company in 2014 on the annual day of love, we wanted to be more than a fine pearl startup. Yes, we…