New Year, New Knots

New Year, New Knots from Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington, DC

Another New Year is upon us! We at Spey love the first of January and all the brimming possibilities that a fresh year brings. It’s a time to look forward and dream of new opportunities, new excitements, new friends, and new ways to grow. But the first month of the year is also a good reminder for those with lovely Spey pearl strands: it’s time to restring.

We find the holidays to be a wonderful season to wear pearls. With all the parties, activities, and family get-togethers, there’s always an occasion to put on a little luster. That’s what makes January such a natural time to take a moment and care for your pearls. For those who wear their pearl strand regularly, we recommend restringing once a year to keep your pearls safe and sound. If you where your pearl necklace less regularly, you can get by with restringing every two years.

Pearl stringing is an art. Easy as tying knots may seem, great care and delicacy goes into each strand of Spey pearls. Silk is strong enough to resist breakage, soft enough to caress a pearl without abrasion, and delicate enough to pass through minutely drilled holes. These days, synthetic fibers are often substituted for greater longevity, but the duties of the fiber are the same: keep the strand together while holding the pearls apart. And of course, look beautiful. One of the chief characteristics of a strand of pearls is uniformity – and that does not extend to simply the pearls themselves. The precision and exactness of each knot is an indicator of craftsmanship and value.

Over time, however, the silk may become brittle, torn, or stretched, which heightens the risk of a necklace failure. If a strand of pearls should break, knots placed between each pearl prevent the entire strand from running off and scattering about the floor. We recommend restringing your pearl necklace from time to time to prevent such an occurrence (which would surely put a damper on your day).

If it’s been more than a couple years since your last restringing, if you notice cosmetic or perfume residue building up around the knots, or if you see a gap appearing between the knot and its nearest pearl, it’s certainly time to clean and restring your pearls. A pearl-focused jeweler like Spey will guide you through this process, keeping your strand of pearls secure and lustrous for another year of elegant occasions.