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Spey Salutes One Brilliant Week for Art in DC

Paul Ashe and the Board of Chamber Dance Project - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC

DC is known for many things, some less savory than others. But aside from the politics and the great divide between left and right, there is one thing that unites Washingtonians together: the arts. There is nothing quite like that peaceable hush that befalls a theatre just before curtain rise. The audience may very well…

Timeless in Pearls at the Oscars®

Timeless in Pearls at the Oscars - Spey Fine Jewelry in Washington DC

Spey is no stranger to the red carpet. From our home in Washington, DC, we festoon fabulous women in pearls – whether for struts down the red carpet of the Kennedy Center, or for promenades down the red carpet to a delightful event like the Oscars. Of course, we think every day is a good…