Feeling Chilly? Reach for Your Pearls

Feeling Chilly? Reach for Your Pearls from Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

It’s cold. Anyone who has stepped outside in our beloved Washington, DC these last couple weeks will tell you the same. The weather is simply, bone-chillingly, unavoidably, uncomfortably cold. We hunker against the penetrating wind and turn with hurried step to the nearest hearth and rippling fire. We’ve even learned a new word: bomb cyclone. We did not know such a thing existed before this frigid season. It’s only natural, then, that amid the flurries and ice, our minds drift toward warmer things – pearls.


Why do pearls warm against the skin?

If you’ve ever worn a strand of genuine pearls, like those in the Spey collection of fine pearl jewelry, you may have remarked on a fascinating characteristic peculiar to pearls. Pearls warm against the wearer’s skin. It’s not just that heat is passed between fashionista and pearl, as it would, say, to a coin purse or travel guide. Pearls take heat in and store it in their fascinating layers of nacre (composed, as it is, of brick-like stacks of aragonite bound by conchiolin). This structure allows pearls to absorb body heat and re-emit the warmth of the wearer.

Pearls are an organic gem. Made from a living organism, it’s unsurprising then that heat and life course through pearls more readily than their rocky diamond, sapphire, and ruby cousins. Once removed from the shell, a pearl yearns for this primal connection. Indeed, left alone in a vault or safety deposit box, pearls will become dry, brittle, and yellowed. They long to be worn. Nourishing moisture from the skin keeps pearls soft and lustrous. This responsiveness between woman and nature, wearer and pearls, is what closely aligns the luminous gem with perpetual romantic love. How’s that to warm you on a frosty day?


“When I’m cold I just put another rope of pearls on.”

So said the indefatigable Dorothy Parker and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why this season, we at Spey will keep our pearls wrapped closely about us. Of course, we never really needed another reason – it’s always a good day to wear pearls.