Spey Rings in 2018 with New Hand Candy

Spey Pearl Jewelry in Washington DC Rings in 2018 with New Hand Candy

New Year, new style! Celebrate the dawn of the next chapter in your life with a fabulously lustrous pearl ring from Spey. Dazzling in their designs and stunning in their elegance, Spey pearl rings capture all the best that pearls give us, in one small sizzle of beauty on the right or left hand. This year, we’ve introduced a handful – pun shamelessly intended – of new ring styles for your delight. Shop the collection of Spey pearl rings or discover a few of our favorites below (discussed in order of appearance within the image above).


Trumpet Pearl Ring

Four trumpets of gold, each punctuated in diamond, emerge from beneath a fabulously lustrous Tahitian pearl with peacock body color in this pearl ring from Spey. It’s as if the diamonds are bursting to announce to each corner of the globe the splendor and richness of a single beautiful pearl from the waters off French Polynesia.


Basilica Pearl Ring

A cluster of luster gathers in this Spey pearl ring, which features four akoya pearls nestled in an immaculate brace of gold. Perched on a gold crest, light dances across the jewelry and bounces between the lustrous Spey pearls for an effect that is anything but terrene. The Basilica ring from Spey keeps the delicate beauty of pearls close at hand.


Peony Pearl Ring

Like the bud of a peony flower, delicately blushing before bursting into spring, this gold ring from Spey features a dainty akoya pearl with a soft rose overtone, nestled within four petals of gold to perfectly reflect the pearl’s luster. This is an excellent ring for comfortable, everyday wear, but may also impart a more youthful freshness to a formal look.


Leaf Pearl Ring

Bring a touch of nature to the hand with this enigmatic pearl ring from Spey. Two gold leaves speckled in diamond ascend from the ring to hold a single Tahitian pearl. Mirroring the richness of the environment, this ring is one that Mother Nature herself would be thrilled to slide with great anticipation onto her quivering hand.

Found your favorite? Let us know what delights you most and we’ll ship it in the size perfectly fitting the finger of your choosing – just allow a few days for our celebrated goldsmiths to size the ring for you. You’ll love what Spey has at hand!