The Colors of the Spey Tartan (What Each One Means)

The Colors of the Spey Tartan (What Each One Means) - Spey Co.

Just in time to wrap yourself against the early autumn chill, the Spey tartan is back in classic tailoring and style. Whether expressed in the sumptuous no-hem selvedge of the fabulous shepherd’s plaid, or the airy lightness of the silk scarf and pocket square, each is handwoven in Scotland of the finest raw materials by traditional, artisanal weavers. These truly are heirloom pieces. We love a good texture and the Spey tartan boasts a lusciously smooth touch that feels deliciously soft when draped with effortless ease around your autumn coats and jackets. But how does the Spey tartan blend impeccably well with both casual and elegant looks alike? Style, for one, but also a signature mélange of beautiful color.


Each color tells a story

The Spey tartan, recorded and protected by the Scottish Register of Tartans, is composed of five colors that come together exquisitely in a distinct Highland check: midnight, scarlet, grey, sky, and pearl. The first colors pay tribute to our DC roots: Spey is unapologetically Washingtonian. Midnight and scarlet, rich blue and red, are an homage to the distinctly patriotic nature of life in the nation’s capital. These are the colors of America and to give back for what we so often take for granted, each active or retired member of the military receives Spey family privileges and special purchasing programs.

Grey is the color of humility; there is much left to be done. We take our place as the preeminent pearl jeweler in Washington, DC very seriously, so we give back to the community that has supported us so well. A portion of all proceeds is returned to the city we love – supporting artists and underwriting new artistic endeavors that give life to a world that would be grey and barren without them. To quote President John F. Kennedy, whose words are etched into the very marble of the theatre that enshrines his legacy: “I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of Grace and Beauty.”

We prefer to look up and to the future, which is why we also incorporated a sky blue into the Spey tartan. This color reminds us that we are working toward a better and brighter tomorrow, not just for our city, but also for our planet. The sky is charmingly reflected in our namesake River Spey, wherein resides a critically endangered species of Scottish freshwater pearl mussel. Proceeds from the sale of each Spey tartan benefit this threatened environment and support our campaigns to rejuvenate teetering populations of this bedrock bivalve.


The perfect complement to pearls

The last color is pearl and one might easily guess why. Spey is known for our exceptional collection of fine pearl jewelry. From classic strands and studs to innovative pendants and earrings, Spey jewelry offers an elegance that feels both uniquely current and timeless. We are thrilled to add a decadent new textile to this collection of little luxuries and curious delights. The colors that are handwoven together in the Spey tartan – midnight, scarlet, grey, sky, and pearl – represent the interconnectedness of our company and our mission. Spey creates fabulous goods for women and men of distinction, and lends a helping hand whenever we see a need.