New to Spey? We’ll Fill You In

New to Spey? We’ll Fill You In - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry

Hello from Washington, DC! Home to stunning architecture and brilliant museums; world-class arts and entertainment (ever wonder what to wear to the Kennedy Center?); the seat of government and political theatre; and of course, Spey. If you do not fashion yourself a Washingtonian, or perhaps you do but you’ve been unjustly sheltered from our lustrous style, allow us to paint a portrait in a few humble words of the fabulous fine pearl jewelry company we so proudly are.


Spey, you say?

Spey Co. takes its name from the gently rolling River Spey that courses through the whisky-laden Scottish Highlands. So enamored was our founding chief executive Paul Ashe with the elegant grace of the river, that he took it as his inspiration for a new company of little luxuries along the banks of the Potomac in our nation’s capital. Not only does the name pay homage to a natural wonder, it also serves as a constant reminder and call to action: within the crystal waters lives a critically endangered, pearl-producing species of freshwater mussel. It has become our mission and privilege to work toward the reinvigoration of this bedrock species.


Do Spey pearls come from the River Spey?

Absolutely not. Let us be clear: it is an offense to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure, take or disturb freshwater pearl mussels or their habitat, particularly with the purpose to obtain or trade pearls from the River Spey. Since 1970, mussels have disappeared from Scottish rivers at a rate of about two rivers per year and are now at a comparable threat level to the tiger in Asia. Pollution, engineering works upriver and along the river banks, and elusive poachers are responsible for the vanishing. To combat this and reverse the decline, we as a company invest in emerging conservation techniques and fact-finding expeditions.


What makes Spey unique?

The brilliance of Spey comes from our rigorous attention to detail, indefatigable emphasis on service, and stunning collection of lustrous pearls accented by gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious stones. Unlike any other jeweler in Washington, DC, Spey specializes in pearls; we craft our jewelry right here in America with the most lustrous, exquisite, and unique gems from the finest waters across the seas. Our relationships with family growers and sustainable divers in Australia, Japan, and French Polynesia (among others) allows us to source preeminent pearls for distinguished and discerning ladies who appreciate a quieter, more refined luxury.

To complement these jewels, we also introduced a collection of little luxuries that are the finishing touches to any chic or dapper look. Our signature Spey tartan, handwoven in Scotland in silk or wool, is a tailored expression of refinement. Our handcrafted and environmentally-friendly bison leather goods are heirloom quality and boast a patina that improves with age. There is much to love for ladies and gentlemen alike in the Spey collections.


How does Spey give back?

Our position as a preeminent purveyor of fine pearls and little luxuries comes with great responsibility in the community. We take our place in Washington, DC very seriously. We’re known for our fabulous pearl jewelry, but we’re also known for our heart. A portion of every sale benefits the city we love so much – from investing in community engagement and development programs, to sponsorships of the arts (including ballet and classical music). We’re proud to work toward a better and more lustrous future for this capital city.


Where can I find Spey pearls?

Our pearls and fine jewelry are sprinkled throughout the area in excellent jewelry stores and womenswear boutiques, but the best place to purchase your Spey jewelry is right here! Our website has a complete collection of ready-to-wear jewelry and fine gifts. Simply add a little something lustrous to your shopping cart and we’ll have it crafted and delivered to your door. Want something extra special? Consider a custom pearl jewelry piece to match your individual style, to complement a gown or chic look, or to rise to an occasion most magnificently. At each step of the way, we’ll be here to deliver a marvelous Spey experience. Won’t you try something on?