Stack the Neck

Stack the Neck - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry of Washington, DC

It is delightful to see the jeunesse dorée rally behind that most lustrous and magnificent of gems: the pearl. As the new guard rises to fame, we at Spey are thrilled to observe pearls styled with chic freshness and classic decadence in a wholly inventive way. Take one of the fashion muses of our time, Kendall Jenner (pictured). Her style has made her an expected presence on guest lists from New York to Paris. Whether seated in the front row of a couture show or stalking down the catwalk herself, Ms. Jenner maintains a signature ‘look’ that is perfectly on point.


What Kendall Jenner teaches us about style

The apparent ease with which she styles herself is one of the things we love most about Kendall Jenner’s recent jaunt through the streets of Cannes. There is an almost effortless nonchalance that betrays not a hint of worry behind the perfectly curated accessories. Mixing high-fashion with everyday staples, Ms. Jenner gives us a textbook example of how to look fabulous without the slightest affectation. Take those oversized gold hoops and simple cotton undershirt. They are elevated to new heights of distinction when coupled with a Bohemian collection of gold chains and stacks upon stacks of pearls.


Recreate the look

And oh! Those pearls! Even perched as they are above a halo of diamonds, nothing can distract from their quietly radiating luster. One likely opera-length strand of pearls is wrapped to form a choker composed of four rows – and endless drama. We can’t help but interpret this as an allusion to Diana, Princess of Wales’ most iconic necklace, the bold and beautiful pearl collar. It is a statement in fashion that never goes out of style. How do you recreate this look for yourself? Start by surveying your jewelry box or wardrobe. Identify pieces of different lengths, structures, and textures, and then mix and match! Have fun exploring different combinations. Just don’t forget the frosting on the cake: the pearls.

Image: Kendall Jenner in pearls. Credit: Street Style.