Stand Out in Spey Pearls

Stand Out in Pearls - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry of Washington DC

With the barrage of social media posts and updates that assail each of us daily, and a bombardment of claims for what’s new, now, and next, it’s easy to get lost in the maelstrom and flurry of life in a metropolitan city like Washington, DC. It’s simply overwhelming, with people and stories that are trying to stand out and get noticed now. But we at Spey take a different approach. Why get caught-up in creating a sensation when it fades just as quickly?


In it for the long haul

When dressing, it’s important to note that one fashion choice does not define your personal style. Instead, it is the repetition of choices, the selection of different pieces, and the curation of your wardrobe that slowly develops your style identity and influences how your network perceives you – like one pearl following right after another in the strand of life. Sure, donning a daringly-cut dress for a gala certainly creates a stir for an evening, but are you always daring and provocative in your style?

This is not to say that every day you must look and feel the same (one needn’t be so stylistically repetitive as Edith Head or Karl Lagerfeld). Quite the opposite. But each outfit forms one paragraph in your beautiful sartorial story. Anything that misses the mark will interrupt your personal style narrative; a narrative that spans years, not hours. That’s why the jewelry within the Spey collection is designed to be both classically chic and freshly current, so that pieces you invest in today will look just as beautiful and feel just as en vogue a generation from now.


Defining your look with Spey pearls

Pearls are a quiet luxury; the soft luster and subtle iridescence of fine pearls are characteristics that form over many patient years as the pearl turns silently within the oyster, deep beneath the ocean’s waves. Unlike their rocky gemstone cousins, pearls are an organic gem and a benefit to the environment. Wearing these beauties is a statement in elegance, quality, and perseverance – fine attributes for a modern woman of distinction in Washington, DC. To quote the charming Jackie Kennedy, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Trends are exhausting, but true style is forever.