Amber Waves of Spey, 44 Million Years in the Making

Amber Waves of Spey, 44 Million Years in the Making - Spey Co. Jewelry

This July, Spey is proud to release a limited collection of fine amber jewelry to help Luke’s Wings unite wounded warriors, veterans, and heroes with their loved ones when they need them most. Shop the exclusive collection of amber, gold, diamond, and silver jewelry and a portion of proceeds will support deserving military families. Beauty meets bravery – how very chic!


Stepping out in style

While Spey is known for our fabulous collection of fine pearl jewelry, our artisans and craftsmen will occasionally dabble in other luxurious materials and media. Take, for instance, the delightfully smooth silk scarves and pocket squares or comfortably cozy shepherd’s plaids handwoven in our exclusive Spey tartan. We’ve even hand-stitched heirloom-quality leather card wallets from sustainable bison leather.

So it most come as no surprise, as champions of organic gems and the power of perfectly tailored jewelry, that for the first time Spey has explored a limited collection of fine amber jewelry. When thoughtfully sourced, nature gives us a wealth of inspiration and raw products to craft into little luxuries for the men and women of distinction in Washington, DC.


44 million years young

Amber is just one of nature’s alluring gifts. As fossilized tree resin, amber is often associated with the tiny insects and leaves that it traps (for 20 to 320 million years) within its stickiness. During this time, the material solidifies and develops a rich array of color, from straw to mahogany and from slate to forest green. The amber fashioned into the Spey collection is 44 million years old and hails from the shores of the Baltic Sea.

With this amber as our muse, Spey created three limited-release designs with sterling silver, gold, and diamond accents. From the enigmatic Chameleon bracelet to the light Dew Drop pendant, the jewelry pieces in this collection are wearable from the supermarket to the catwalk. Our favorite design? The Sunrise pendant, which boasts a natural color gradation from pale honey to rich cognac, as if the sun itself were rising from beneath this stunning amber necklace.


A most noble cause

Of course, there’s nothing better than to use our position as one of Washington, DC’s most coveted jewelers than to lend a helping hand to our community, which is why with each purchase of Spey amber jewelry, we donate to support the incredible work of Luke’s Wings. This amazing organization unites wounded warriors with their loved ones, bringing family on-site and by their bedsides during the often long and difficult recovery. Spey salutes those who defend our freedom, and is proud to support the mission of Luke’s Wings.