It Takes Two to Tangle: How to Store Pearl Jewelry Properly

It Takes Two to Tangle: How to Store Pearl Jewelry Properly - Spey Co.

If you’re like us, you wear your Spey pearls every day. But we acknowledge that not everyone is so fashionably chic. Occasionally, a lady needs to store her pearl jewelry for a short while (not too long, we hope, as pearls simply beg to be worn and are nourished by the delicate moisture of your skin). When the time to store does come, it’s best to follow a few simple tips to keep your pearl jewelry lustrous for generations.


How to store pearls in 7 easy steps

Below we’ve outlined a few do’s and don’ts when storing your pearl jewelry in your wardrobe, jewelry box, or safe.

  1. After wearing, gently buff your pearls with a clean, smooth cloth, to remove any excess oils or irritants. You may use a cloth moistened with purified water as needed, but do not submerge your pearls or use chemical cleaners.
  2. Fasten the clasp to prevent abrasive metal, diamonds, or gemstones from scratching your pearls and to keep strands from tangling.
  3. Lay your strand of pearls flat in an isolated compartment, separated from other jewelry. This reduces the stress and stretch of the silk that binds them.
  4. When possible, store your pearls wrapped in a soft, breathable cloth or pouch, like the Spey signature blue suede envelope.
  5. Avoid storing pearls in an airtight container (as you would silver jewelry), a safety deposit box, or plastic, and keep them from direct heat or light, as the dry air degrades the integrity of nacre layers over time.
  6. If your safe is not built for humidity control, place a small bowl of water or a damp cloth near your pearls if they are to be kept secure for any length of time.
  7. When finally removing pearls from extended storage and before wearing, bring them to a pearl specialist like Spey to examine the integrity of the silk. Pearl strands require restringing from time to time.

And that’s it! If you cherish and care for your jewelry properly, the luster of your Spey pearls will last a lifetime. Quality craftsmanship, distinctive style, and natural beauty – who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in these for years to come?