Lost Without Pearls

Lost Without Pearls - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry of Washington DC

A weekend getaway is one of life’s most scintillating pleasures. Particularly as the heat of summer rolls upon us, the allure of the Hamptons or a jaunt to the beach certainly has us pining. Of course, we’ll take any excuse to quit the oppressive humidity of Washington, DC for the refreshing, breezy nights of the coast (or perhaps the islands for the delightful Puerto Rico International Piano Festival). A last-minute ticket, hurried arrangements, a shuffle to pack, and we’re off! Just imagine, then, when arriving for this retreat, the shock and horror of finding that one’s pearls never made it into the luggage. We’d simply be lost without them.


Why pearls make for excellent travel companions

Pearls are the perfect jewelry for a pampered vacation for many reasons. Firstly, they go with anything, which means you can pack fewer items of greater quality and still look ravishingly chic. Pearls are comfortable enough for everyday wear, and transition flawlessly from daytime to evening. Pearls also travel well, particularly when tucked within the soft blue suede Spey envelope with its secure magnetic closure (we recommend registering your fine jewelry with your hotel’s head of security and safely stowing them when not being worn).

When we haven’t our pearls close at hand, something feels missing. There is an inexplicable comfort in having the cool weight of a strand of pearls rest and gently warm against your skin. There is familiarity to your favorite pair of pearl studs, and confidence in the elegance of a Spey pearl earring or pendant. It’s true; we’d feel lost without them. Pearls have a way of accompanying an individual at each of life’s precious moments. And never fear: if you’ve actually lost a piece of fine pearl jewelry, Spey can help with that, too.

So this season, before hustling off to some fabulous destination, remember to pack your pearls. Like a cherished friend, they’ll make you feel comfortable, self-assured, and beautiful.