Dress Up or Dress Down, Pearls Are Perfect for Any Occasion

Dress Up or Dress Down, Pearls Are Perfect for Any Occasion - Spey Co.

We couldn’t agree more with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy: “Pearls are always appropriate.” Indeed, there isn’t an outfit that isn’t improved with the warm luster of pearl. From the White House to the red carpet of the Kennedy Center, and from the farmers’ market to the luncheon, the pearl is always in style in Washington, DC. How do you style your Spey pearls for different occasions?


Pairing pearls with casual denim

At Spey, we believe comfort and style go together like pearls and, well, everything. That’s because a comfortably beautiful woman is a confident force to be reckoned with. Adding a dash of Spey luster to your most comfortable pair of jeans and well-loved tee instantly elevates the look to one that’s street-style ready. Prepare your fiercest strut and then turn the pavement of Georgetown into your very own catwalk.

Just trotting about town on a few errands? Pearls are the best “throw them on before you walk out the door” accessory for a flawless, put-together look. We believe it has something to do with pearls’ smooth surface and soft glow. The jewelry just feels right – which is very cozy and quintessentially hyggelig. What’s more, adding a touch of luxury to your look uplifts your demeanor, initiating a chain reaction that includes boosting your confidence and ultimately results in head-turning poise.


Pairing pearls with formal silk

Of course, formal occasions and black tie affairs simply demand pearls. Washingtonians appreciate a quiet luxury that diamonds know not of. Whether to a gala premiere at the opera or to an inauguration on the steps of the Capitol, pearls are the de rigueur accessory of every chic woman and blushing young lady. The rich luster is the perfect foil to gowns of silk and wraps of fur (or the handsome Spey shepherd’s plaid).

First date or job interview? Add pearls for an instant thrust of self-assurance. Pearls are the most distinguished of gems and, as pearl jewelry accompanies all occasions from christenings and graduations to weddings and anniversaries, pearls are a constant reminder of life’s most special moments. How delightfully beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?


Businesswear and Spey pearls

Women are now setting the agenda, rather than following it. Rooted in formality but not stifled by it, the modern woman’s approach to power dressing and businesswear is far more liberated than the “adapted menswear” of the 90s. No more imitating the boys’ game. It’s time to stand out and lead. That’s the Spey way. To set apart your work attire with a bit of playful femininity, while still toeing the line of decorum, opt for pearls. A beautifully tailored suit or pencil skirt and blouse is an excellent canvas for pearls.

A timeless elegance makes pearl jewelry a most becoming accessory for any occasion or any personal style. This adaptability has made pearls the go-to jewelry for instant chic, while also being the perfect gift for her. When it comes to a distinguished style in Washington, DC and beyond, one can never go wrong with the fabulous luster of Spey pearl jewelry.