The President’s Office Isn’t the Only Thing Oval in Washington, DC

POTUS' Office Isn't the Only Thing Oval in DC: Oval Pearls from Spey Co.

What shape compels you? Perhaps you feel most at ease with perfectly symmetrical, evenly matched, glistening rows of round pearls. Or maybe you like the fiery individuality of one-of-a-kind baroque pearls (you know who you are, crushing on Spey fireball pearls). Or it’s possible you’re drawn to the exceptional and the uncommon. If a predilection for novelty describes you, allow us to introduce a pearl that is altogether underrepresented on the necks of fabulous Washington women: oval pearls.


What comes to mind when you think of pearls?

People have come to expect a certain classic uniformity from pearls. Of course, the chic jewelry designs within the Spey collection give a fresh twist to this classic, but most ladies expect a pearl to be round and white (although Tahitian pearls are helping change this narrative on color). Few realize the incredible variety of pearls available to them from Spey. Quelle horreur! It’s akin to thinking Bordeaux the only French wine; mighty fine, but there is so much more deliciousness to be tasted.

Case in point: oval pearls. Oval pearls form within an oyster exactly as a round pearl would, with one notable difference. Rather than revolving evenly within the shell, an oval pearl develops an axis. Nacre then accumulates more heavily at the poles (if we are to continue our planetary analogy), elongating the pearl in spectacularly oval fashion. Oval pearls can be every bit as fabulous as round pearls, with smooth, lustrous surfaces and captivating depth of color. What’s more, all the major pearl-producing mollusks produce expressions of oval pearls: akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and (most especially) conch.


Styling oval pearls in Spey jewelry

Convinced? Then it’s high-time you explored Spey oval pearls. Bound together with silk in luxurious strands, or paired for dramatic earrings, these organic gems make for truly exceptional jewelry. The unexpected shape draws the eye in, which is then further delighted with dancing light and subtlety of color. Give in to the temptation and let Spey know what stunning jewelry we can craft with oval pearls for you.