All-New Gold and Akoya Pearl Jewelry from Spey

All-New Gold and Akoya Pearl Jewelry - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry

With the weather heating-up and layers coming off, it’s high-time that the emphasis shifted from bulky sweaters and scarves to the far more scintillating jewelry underneath. And because there’s nothing so warm and fresh as the luster of pearl paired with the richness of yellow gold, we created an entire new line of pearl jewelry from Spey.

Discover the Spey collection of gold and akoya pearl jewelry for spring.

This season’s newest designs have an easy elegance and bohemian playfulness that are perfect for stacking and matching, but with a craftsmanship that allows each piece to shine on its own. Geometry defines this latest Spey collection, with hoops and spirals effortlessly intersecting triangles and polygons to create both tension and movement. The juxtaposition is carried even further by uniting the soft, creamy luster of Japanese akoya pearls and the silky glow of yellow gold.

One of our favorite pearl jewelry designs? The dainty Spey chain earrings (pictured), which dangle two lustrous akoya pearls beneath a chain of 14k gold. The pearl earrings dive through the ear and drop to the other side, threading the lobe and delicately quivering with each toss of the head. Better prepare your best ‘come hither’ look now. These pearl earrings are all about ease and movement. Pair with denim and a tee to bring your look to the next level, or wear with a gown for just the perfect touch of whimsy.

Other knockouts from the latest Spey collection include the Peony ring (the most charming right hand ring one could hope for), the Navette pendant (it also comes in twos and threes), and the plunging Orion necklace. Mix and match your gold and akoya pearl jewelry for endless arrangements in luster and remember: there is nothing so elegant as a lady in pearls. Whether a bold statement ring or a comfortable everyday piece, you’re sure to be perfectly styled in pearls from Spey.