Graduated Pearls for Graduation

Graduated Pearls for Graduation - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

Ah, graduation: the nation’s best and brightest, arrayed in their finest attire (hidden, as it is, below that ubiquitous billowing gown), gather together in auditoria across America to shift their tassel from right to left and head out into the world to join the working classes. This momentous shift from student to citizen is marked by pageantry and celebration and, often, the gift of pearls for graduation.


Why It’s a Good Idea to Give Pearls for Graduation

Giving pearls for graduation is a time-honored tradition that makes perfect sense. Firstly, as an official adult (shedding the protectorates of schools and parents), the individual may be expected and trusted to cherish and preserve an item of value and worth – like the fine pearls of the Spey collection. Pearls are also the perfect accessory for upcoming job interviews, as the playful femininity and classic elegance of the pearl excellently foils rigid business attire.


What Pearls Make the Best Gift?

When it comes to pearls for graduation, the world (ahem: the Spey fine pearl jewelry collection) is your oyster. There are countless styles and designs from which an excellent gift may be selected. The classic choice for ladies of distinction is a set of akoya pearl stud earrings and a matching pearl strand. Graduated pearls, those with the largest pearl in the center and progressively smaller pearls trailing back to the clasp (pictured), are particularly appropriate for graduation. Of course, pearl jewelry is always appropriate, to paraphrase the lovely Jacqueline Kennedy, and these pieces especially are essential to a lady’s wardrobe. Spey fine craftsmanship also ensures your pearl jewelry will last generations.

Other excellent choices to make you the gift-giver of the year include the classic Spey akoya pearl solitaire pendant – a playful and fresh piece for everyday wear. Fathers might leave the diamond to a future suitor (and son-in-law) and elect to give a special pearl ring to their beloved daughter. What gift of pearls for graduation would be at the top of our list? A Spey South Sea pendant with an impressive drop pearl ranks at number one. The tailored yet whimsical styling is always in style.

So, as the school year ends amid pomp and circumstance and ambitions for the future are high, give the gift of pearls for graduation. After all, the jewelry will be a reminder of your love and affection each time it is worn. Simply drop Spey a note and we’ll set about crafting the perfect gift for your recent grad.