Have a Strand? Wear a Bracelet

How to Wear a Pearl Strand Necklace as a Bracelet - Spey Pearl Jewelry

Multi-purposing is the new black. If an item can adapt and transform to serve multiple needs, it becomes a much more valuable addition to your life. Case in point: the classic and beloved pearl strand. A staple of every woman’s wardrobe, the pearl strand graces the necks of elegantly chic women across the world. But not every outfit demands a pearl necklace (sometimes, a blouse or neckline simply won’t cooperate). In those cases, we like to turn the strand on its head, wrap it about the wrist, and wear it as a bracelet.

Wearing a pearl strand as a bracelet just makes sense. First and foremost, it gives you another bracelet to wear. We create decadent Spey pearl bracelets for any occasion, but switching it up every now and then with a new strand of pearls on the wrist is a fun, playful twist to your look. Pearls that compose a strand also tend to be larger than those typically worn on the wrist, so as long as you aren’t planning much over-active wrist action (we don’t recommend a pearl bracelet for badminton on the lawn), the larger pearls of a strand make for a bold statement when migrated to the wrist.

Repurposing a necklace as a bracelet made us think: what else could be moved around and reimagined? Perhaps a strand of pearls as an anklet, or a ring dangled from a chain as a pendant, or a bracelet as a fascinator in a fabulous up-do. The possibilities could be endless! How would you wear pieces from the Spey collection? If you have a special way of creatively wearing or styling your pearls, we’d love to see it. Give Spey a shout or tag @Spey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s always great to find new ways to wear pearls and to connect with fellow pearl lovers!