Spring into the More Colorful Side of Pearls

Spring into the More Colorful Side of Pearls - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry

Cherry blossoms delicately flutter in the crisp, cool breeze and the sun proudly emerges from her long winter retreat. Yes, it is spring! Springtime is such a lovely time to be in Washington, DC. Fountains are beginning to bubble back to life and the National Mall is crowding with Washingtonians eager to shake off the cobwebs of cold weather lethargy. Our nation’s capital sizzles with energy and activity. Now is the time when hemlines rise and layers are shed – and the monotonous tones of winter are replaced with the vivacity of color.

Spey, too, is embracing all the warmth and hues that are springing forth. Think pearls only come in black and white? Think again. Tahitian pearls abound in many-colored hues and expressions, from royal aubergine to fiery pistachio and playful peacock. Akoya pearls are also awash in delicate overtones of blush and sky. Fancy even more color? Spey jewelry designers are always playing with colorful combinations of ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond (and pearl, of course). With a custom creation from Spey, the world is your oyster and the style is only limited by our collective imaginations.


The Perfect Pearl Jewelry for Spring

If you’re looking for our recommendation on the freshest looks to wear this spring, we love the pastels and rich jewel tones of Tahitian pearls. Layer or braid a strand of multicolor Tahitian pearls from Spey (pictured) with an akoya strand of equal length for a look that contrasts light and dark – and emphasizes the distinctive individuality of colorful pearls. Then, pair the look with the Cluster pearl ring or Janus pearl ring from Spey to keep the duality going. Want more? The Harmony pearl earrings are the perfect dose of luster for the ear.

No matter what your style, to paraphrase the lovely Jacqueline Kennedy, pearls are always appropriate in spring. As an organic gem, pearls are infused with a vitality unmatched by their rocky gemstone cousins. Choose pearl jewelry this spring for a look that is freshly chic and classically elegant. You simply can’t go wrong with Spey.