Quotes About Pearls

Quotes about Pearls - Our Favorites, Collected by Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

One of the simple pleasures in life is curling up with a good book in the late evening, sipping a glass of Champagne or Speyside whisky, and letting the wilds of some novel transport you to another world. A book is an escape, full of romance, intrigue, adventure and suspense. Books have the power to stay with us; how we love when the perfect line of text pops into our memories at just the right moment to better help us understand an experience or frame a perspective. So, we compiled a collection of little snippets of text and pearls of wisdom about our very favorite subject: pearls. From books, from notables, and from everyday life, enjoy these quotes about pearls.


Quotes about Pearls from Literature

Errors like straws upon the surface flow, he who would search for pearls must dive below.

  • John Dryden, All for Love


In former times men have met with angels here, have found pearls here, and have in this place found the words of Life.

  • John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress


The fair pearl necklace of the Queen,
That burst in dancing, and the pearls were spilt;
Some lost, some stolen, some as relics kept,
But nevermore the same two sister pearls,
Ran down the silken thread to kiss each other
On her white neck.

  • Alfred Tennyson, Merlin and Vivien


…Will change the pebbles of our puddly thought to orient pearls.

  • Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, The Second Week


Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.

  • Jean de la Bruyere, The Characters or Manners of the Present Age


There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe…long live the pearl necklace, true or false, from our first date until our last breath!

  • Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, A Guide to Elegance


It is the hour of pearl—the interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.

  • John Steinbeck, Cannery Row


She is one of those people whose skin nourishes pearls.

  • John Buchan, The Dancing Floor


I wish I was a woman of about thirty-six dressed in black satin with a string of pearls.

  • Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca


A legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl.

  • Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn


Like a woman who had slipped off her print dress and white apron to array herself in blue and pearls, the day changed.

  • Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway


Quotes about Pearls from Notables

All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.

  • Federico Fellini


I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.

  • Lady Sarah Churchill


I favor pearls on screen and in my private life.

  • Grace Kelly


Pearls are always appropriate.

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


When I’m cold I just put another rope of pearls on.

  • Dorothy Parker


There you have it: collected pearls of wisdom and quotes about pearls from some of our most beloved authors and personalities. Of course, each day that you don your lustrous Spey pearl jewelry is another occasion to rhapsodize and muse over the magnificence of pearls. Did we miss any quotes that you love, or do you have one of your own? Drop us a note! We simply love talking about (and wearing) pearls!