Spey Tartan Captured in Art for Art’s Sake

Spey Tartan Captured in Art at the Bash Magnifique

We at Spey love a good party, especially when it supports one of our most beloved arts organizations in Washington, DC. So it did this last weekend when we gathered at the historic Decatur House, neighbor to the White House, to champion Chamber Dance Project. The presentation of ballet with live chamber music (in addition to a jazz duet and rockin’ brass band) was nothing short of spectacular. But to make the evening even more memorable, we asked our dear friend and brilliant artist Cris Clapp Logan to sketch the event’s distinguished guests.

Cris’ effervescent spirit is manifested in the sprightly, colorful strokes of her pen. Each sketch is perfectly infused with streaming light and bubbling personality. With an astute eye and feverish hand, Cris captured many of the guests’ likenesses as they sipped Champagne and mingled before the evening’s performances. Our own Paul Ashe, Spey founding chief executive and Chamber Dance Project Board member, took home one of Cris’ live event illustrations (pictured), depicting him dressed to the nines in a Spey tartan kilt and fly plaid. And you thought the Spey tartan was only woven into decadent silk scarves and wool wraps

What we loved most about Cris’ participation at Bash Magnifique, in addition to her impeccable charm, was the layering and melding of yet another expression of art – together with dance, vocals, strings and brass. Art supporting art. Could anything be more fabulous? We are a firm believer that it takes a village, no matter what the endeavor. When one art lends a hand to another, both are made stronger. We can’t wait until the next time we get the band back together (literally!) to celebrate the authentic and passionate art that Washington, DC has to offer. Of course, we’ll take any excuse to don our lustrous Spey pearls for a good cause!