Quam Bene Non Quantum

Quam Bene Non Quantum - Living Well with Spey Co.

As a purveyor of fine pearl jewelry and little luxuries in Washington, DC, we at Spey keep a keen eye on detail and quality. Each piece, from pearl to leather and from silk to wool, carries our signature style and authentic Spey craftsmanship. Excellence for the sake of excellence is our nobly elevated approach to the Spey collection. This idea of quality, not quantity, that is infused throughout our fabulous pearl jewelry and little luxuries collection is perfectly summated in the phrase, quam bene non quantum. How’s your Latin?


What Quam Bene Non Quantum Means to Spey

Whenever we find ourselves pondering the present, we turn to the past and the sage wisdom of the celebrated Greek and Latin philosophers, poets, playwrights, and orators whose dictums and maxims have trickled down to us through the centuries. Put simply, quam bene non quantum translates to: how well, not how much. We couldn’t agree more. This dignified, laconic phrase gathers into one apothegm all that we at Spey hold dear – and the reason we introduced our collection of little luxuries.

It seems people today have too much of everything except time and friendship: too much work, too many activities, too many commitments, too much stuff. The idea of exchanging quantity for quality certainly has its appeal, no? We at Spey champion a quiet luxury, cherishing fewer products of greater craftsmanship, quality and meaning; opting for a quiet walk in the garden over a hurried engagement across town.

This doesn’t mean that one must be monkish. We love a decadent evening over ballet or opera at the Kennedy Center, or a scrumptious meal at one of DC’s finest eateries. But choosing to live well over choosing to live hectically is a conscious decision that is abounding in return. To us, time and friendship is luxury. The more you set aside time for these important things in life, the more opportunities and fabulous experiences open to you. Surround yourself with less, but put more into them; a handwoven silk scarf that gives back to threatened ecosystems is just one example of how a conscious decision to choose quality over quantity can have a big impact on quality of life. Quam bene non quantum. Live simply. Live well.