Slip, Pinch, Click: How to Open and Close a Pearl Necklace Ball Clasp

How to Open and Close a Pearl Necklace Ball Clasp from Spey Co.

You’ve finally been gifted a luxurious strand of Spey pearls, or perhaps you’ve decided to invest in that classically chic accessory yourself. You slide the pearls out of the velvety soft Spey suede envelope and hold the necklace to the light. Oh, how lustrous! You simply must put it on. But wait, the clasp! It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Have no worries, my dear: it’s really quite simple. Allow us to guide you in knowing how to open and close a pearl necklace ball clasp.

The clasp that binds a strand of Spey pearls together may be a work of art in and of itself. Many Spey women choose to reflect their own unique style by selecting a clasp of distinctive design. Diamond pavé, whimsical expressions in gold, or elaborate mechanisms may be employed to securely clasp a strand of Spey pearls. Some women even choose the elegant simplicity of a magnetic clasp. Of all the locking or fastening mechanisms that may be employed, from the fish hook to the lobster claw (both types of pearl necklace clasps), we at Spey love the look and function of the ball clasp and recommend it for most pearl strands.

The ball clasp is one of the securest ways to clasp your necklace, featuring as it does a two-step “safety” locking system to prevent your pearls from unhinging at the most inopportune moment. To open, simple pinch the side of the clasp where you see or feel a small metal fitting. This will release the clasp and allow it to slide out. A second external bar catches the “V” tongue. Tilt the “V” upward or downward and slide it around this bar. Et voilà! The strand is free to drape around your neck. To secure, reverse the process: hook the “V” tongue around the bar and push it into the ball clasp until you hear a delicate click.

Ball clasps mimic the shape and size of the surrounding pearls, blending seamlessly into the elegant progression of the Spey pearl necklace. Whether in white gold or yellow gold, or bespeckled in diamonds, a ball clasp is as lovely as it is secure. So now you know how to open and close a pearl necklace ball clasp. All that’s left to do is to wear your Spey pearls whenever an outfit may be improved with a delightful touch of luster – and that, we must say, is always.