Do You Hear the Wedding Bells Ringing?

Do You Hear the Wedding Bells Ringing? Spey Co.

Roughly 6 million couples chose Valentine’s Day to get engaged. With romance in the air and the national spotlight on doting couples, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to pop the question – though, not the most popular. Research suggests that “Will you marry me?” is heard more on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Regardless, 6 million couples is nothing to scoff at and pretty soon, they’ll be walking down the aisle, hand-in-hand, after saying “I do!”

So what’s next for the blushing fiancés? Planning the wedding, of course! Much is to be done between the engagement and the nuptials, not least of which is the selection of the bridal suite of jewels. Diamonds may have the upper hand when it comes to the proposal, but pearls are the unquestionable domain of the wedding. Everyone from the bride, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom, and even the groomsmen (hello, Spey pearl lapel pin) are sure to be festooned in pearls.

Spey pearl jewelry adds the perfect touch of luster to the bride as she sweeps down the aisle. A pair of akoya studs with a soft blush overtone and a matching strand of akoya pearls is the classic combination for brides everywhere. Others might opt for a pearl cuff or more dramatic dangling earrings to flash beneath the veil. There is a pearl earring, bracelet, necklace or pendant to match every gown and bridal style. Looking for something traditional, yet with a twist? Consider richly enigmatic Tahitian pearls or Golden South Sea pearls for a more dramatic jewelry statement.

The best bridal jewelry transitions seamlessly to married life, as the pieces are worn on truly special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. What’s more, pearl bridal jewelry often become family heirlooms that are cherished across the generations. So if you were one of the nearly 11 percent of couples who made Valentine’s Day the start of a lifetime together, consider a dash of pearls for your upcoming wedding. Here’s to many decades of laughter and luster!