Brace Yourself: Pearl Bracelets from Spey

Brace Yourself: Pearl Bracelets from Spey Fine Jewelry in Washington DC

Your wrist deserves a little attention – and not just because it’s a powerhouse of motion, or because it’s an alluringly seductive erogenous zone. The wrist is one of those perfectly delicate parts of the body where jewels nestle oh-so-nicely. Sure, we at Spey love finding new places to wear pearls and think that just about anywhere, from the ankle to the tiara, looks lovelier in that most lustrous of gems. But on the wrist, a bracelet or cuff of pearls is simply divine. Dive into the world of brilliantly captivating pearl bracelets from Spey.

A pearl bracelet makes an unforgettably lustrous statement. Whether composed of delicately blushing akoya pearls or richly enigmatic Tahitian pearls, a pearl bracelet is a particularly elegant accessory that adds an instant dash of chic to any outfit or style. From the more casual single or double strand of freshwater pearls, to effervescent combinations and stacked layers of diamonds and pearls, a pearl bracelet can rise to any occasion.

Of course, we have a few favorite pearl bracelets of our own. The Spey golf bracelet with its interspersed row of diamonds and pearls is an elegantly demure accent for a gala or night at the opera, while the Triple Vintage bracelet of freshwater pearls is an easy everyday accessory that will uplift a monotonous business look. The Spey akoya cuff? A knockout at weddings and formal occasions where sartorial drama and high fashion are on-call.

Ever since the length of sleeve in proper lady’s attire began the electrifying and irreversible recession to the elbow (which commenced sometime within the 17th century), women have been showing more arm (what a scandal!) and leaving the dainty wrist exposed. What better way to bring a little warmth to all this exposed skin than with the brilliant luster of pearls? As Dorothy Parker famously quipped: “When I’m cold, I just put another rope of pearls on.” Now to keep warm, the Spey woman may enjoy another rope of pearls around her wrist.