The Perfect Date Night in DC: The Spey Guide to Wooing in Washington

The Perfect Date Night in DC: The Spey Guide to Wooing in Washington

While many in America associate Washington, DC with bitter politics and international affairs, those of us who call the District home know that DC can be a most wonderful and romantic city for an affair of the heart. Politics may divide us, but love will bring us together. So how does a native Washingtonian arrange the perfect date night in DC? Welcome to the Spey guide to wooing in Washington.


Shake-up a Cocktail and Leave the Day Behind You

Business is such an ugly thing; it gets in the way of truly living. That’s why the perfect date night in DC begins with a cocktail or glass of Champagne to help shake-off the troubles and thoughts of the workplace. And what better place to grab a drink than one of DC’s many rooftop hot spots? With outstanding views of iconic Washington monuments, a rooftop rendezvous sets the scene for a truly special evening. Weather permitting, we love a sip under the sky on the roof of the Rosewood. University crew teams sweep by on the Potomac while the bustle of Georgetown passes below. Ah, to be young and in love!


Art for Art’s Sake

There’s nothing quite like the rise of the curtain and the silenced hush that befalls an audience just before a prima ballerina takes the stage at the Kennedy Center to signal a magical evening. Washington, DC is blessed to host some of the most acclaimed artists for truly breathtaking performances. We know any Washington Ballet performance under the watchful eye of the enchanting Julie Kent will be a captivatingly beautiful experience for the two of you on date night. What’s more, the theatre is a delightful place to cozy up next to your special someone and take their hand in yours during the show.


Candlelight and Dinner for Two

By now, you and your love are probably feeling a bit peckish on your perfect date night in DC, so we recommend following the theatre with a table for two and a bite to eat. Opt for a lively place with impeccable service – we love the atmosphere of Fiola Mare, which conveniently is a short drive from the Kennedy Center. Yachts glide slowly passed in Georgetown Harbor while course after course of deliciousness is placed before you. Wherever you dine, pair the meal with a bottle of wine and finish with a shared dessert. Something sweet for your sweet, you know.


A Night Tour of Washington DC with Spey


Take a Stroll, Hand-in-Hand

DC boasts some truly spectacular parks and sights, so we love to follow a scrumptious meal with a casual stroll through the beautiful city. Especially at night with the monuments aglow, Washington is simply peppered with picturesque spots for a romantic tête-à-tête and whispered sweet nothings. The Lincoln Monument is one of our favorites at night – just the two of you, bundled up against the night chill on the steps of that temple to American togetherness, watching ripples and reflections dance in the pool before you. Quelle romantique!


A Gift to Remember

What better way to wrap-up the perfect date night in DC than by unwrapping a gift? We at Spey, of course, have a few lustrous recommendations. Who wouldn’t love the simple pleasure of untying a prim bow and sliding out a pair of brilliant Spey earrings? Or opening a case of carefully curated little luxuries? The gift of pearls is one that never goes out of style, and each time she wears her delightfully chic Spey jewelry, she will be reminded of that enthralling evening with you. The final touch, after she dons her lustrous Spey pearls: a quiet kiss goodnight on the stoop to her home. Now that puts us in the mood for romance!