Valentine’s Day Belongs to the Pearls

The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day is Pearl from Spey

We humbly accept that an engagement is fittingly marked with the gift of a diamond ring – after all, diamonds are less delicate and more suitable for the everyday abuse your hands endure. Pearl rings, like those in the Spey fine jewelry collection, are the prerogative of more exceptional occasions and nights out in Washington, DC. But if an engagement is all about the diamond, then certainly Valentine’s Day (along with the wedding) belongs to the pearl.

A pearl perfectly symbolizes affection, warmth, purity and love, qualities any man would be delighted to dote on his beloved. Pearls, indeed, are such romantic gems. The natural origins of fine pearls imbue the lustrous gems with more life, more energy, and more connection to the human endeavor than their rocky cousins. Take the origin of the pearl as a metaphor: when an irritant penetrates the protective shell of a mollusk, the pearl sets to work wrapping layer after layer of lustrously rich nacre about the intruder. In time, this becomes the pearl: a story of beauty triumphant over adversity.

This Valentine’s Day (and every other day, if we may be so bold), as love saturates the air and shades of pink flutter about, the pearl makes a most delightful gift. A classic pair of akoya pearl stud earrings from Spey is a staple of every well-curated jewelry box and a necessity for a Washington woman of distinction. Another excellent Valentine’s Day gift is the Spey akoya pendant, featuring a stunning 9-9.5mm akoya pearl with captivatingly demure overtones of blush and rose, suspended on a chain of white gold.

Of course, any strand of pearls, fabulous Spey earrings, or decadent pendant would be just as enthusiastically received this Valentine’s Day. Set the scene with a crisply chilled bottle of Champagne, a few sinfully chocolate-dipped strawberries, and the iconic crimson and blue packaging from Spey. The invigorating anticipation of unwrapping a gift of Spey pearl jewelry will surely set the mood for an evening of romance, no matter the age from 25 to 85. The gift of pearls never goes out of style.

To all the sweethearts and lovers and dreamers and heroes: happy Valentine’s Day from Spey.