What It Feels Like to Put on a Spey Pearl Necklace

What It Feels Like to Put on a Spey Pearl Necklace

Getting dressed for a sumptuous evening out in Washington, DC is an experience of its own. Who doesn’t love pouring a glass of wine while primping for a special dinner or performance, slipping into the perfect little black dress, piling your hair high in a flawless up-do, and painting your lips with just the right shade of red. Getting dressed is a very tactile act, from slinking out of a luxurious bath all the way through to stepping outside in a mile-high stiletto. But before your driver whisks you to your rendezvous, there is one last touch: your pearls. Just what does it feel like to don a lustrous strand of Spey pearls? Simply fabulous, my dear.

It all starts with the clasp. A Spey strand, whether composed of South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, or akoya pearls, is clasped in white gold or platinum (unless you’d like a custom clasp design). This clasp will undoubtedly feature a double-locking safety mechanism, to prevent your brilliant pearl strand from ever snapping and scattering across the floor. A simple pinch, slip, and click will secure your strand snuggly for the duration of the evening.

A lady will immediately feel the weight of a strand of Spey pearls as it gently drapes and rests from the nape through the collar and to the décolletage. Genuine cultured pearls feel comfortably heavy. There’s something about this extra bit of oomph that projects confidence in the wearer by pulling the shoulders back into a most becoming alignment.

The other immediately noticeable sensation is the coolness of the pearls that gradually warms against the body. Imagine placing your hand on a marble or granite surface; this is akin to the experience of donning fabulous Spey pearls. As the pearls interact with the skin (and all pearls beg to be worn), a soft warmth is passed between. Draping a pearl necklace at once gives a fresh burst of coolness, followed by a gentle warming. The refraction of light as it passes through layers of lustrous nacre also creates a soft glow against the skin, illuminating and framing the face quite flatteringly.

The gentle swish of pearls against your skin or the delicate clack of layered strands moving tenderly against each other is one of the most enchanting reasons to wear pearls. There is sensuality in movement, particularly in all the places were lovely pearls are to be found: the neck, the wrist, the hand, and the lobe. Your pearls are a present reminder that you are a woman of substance and quality, a force to be reckoned with, and a woman to be loved. How very tactile-icious, indeed!