This Is a Man’s Pearl

This Is a Man's Pearl - Spey Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC

Think the lustrous pearl is solely the domain of the ladies? Think again. The modern gentleman is given many an opportunity to flex his mussels (pun unabashedly intended) and to don nature’s organic gem. From the runway to the red carpet, and from the Kennedy Center to the streets of our beloved Washington, DC, men everywhere are finding ways to pepper their wardrobe with the touch of lustrous pearl.

The talented singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, muse to Karl Lagerfeld and face of Chanel, is oft to be seen with at least one strand of pearls draped about his wardrobe. Pictured here in the lush Hôtel Ritz Paris on the famed Place Vendôme, Pharrell sports several strands of varying lengths and sizes, lending movement and energy to the strict tailoring of his jacket. But why stop there?

If the jauntiness of multiple strands is too avant-garde for your man-about-town look, opt instead for the quiet luxury of a pair of pearl cufflinks. Nestled on a French cuff, pearl cufflinks are a most distinctive accessory for the modern gentleman. Find yourself surrounded by black ties and tuxedos? The classic akoya or Tahitian pearl makes for an elegant button on your crisply pressed tuxedo shirt.

Of course, at Spey we’re partial to the glint of pearl on a lapel. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of pearl lapel pins that lend a dash of dapper to any man’s suit. Forget the ubiquitous paper flower; the pearl lapel pin is a standout in a crowd – at the office, at a wedding, at the theatre, or anywhere in-between.

We simply love finding new ways to wear pearls, particularly when it is the gentlemen among us who are rising to the occasion and showing us just how lustrous menswear can be. Ladies: clutch your pearls. The men are commandeering the gem for themselves and looking especially spruce because of it.