Go Big or Go Home: Oversized Pearls

Go Big or Go Home: Oversized Pearls - Spey Fine Pearl Jewelry

Size matters, no? At least when evaluating natural or cultured pearls, size is one of several factors that help inform the value of a pearl. Together with luster, shape, color, and surface, the size of a genuine pearl says a lot about the health of the mollusk and the time spent turning within the shell. But sometimes a subtly demure pearl perfectly poised in jewelry doesn’t reflect your whims or caprices. Sometimes, an occasion simply demands the gargantuan proportions of oversized pearls.

Let us be clear: most genuine pearls fall below 15mm in diameter and, while larger specimens may be found or cultivated, the vast majority of oversized pearls available at market today are imitation. An oyster or mussel simply isn’t large enough to produce Brobdingnagian pearls. There is only so much room in the inn…well, shell, to be precise.

Many modern designers and fashion houses from Gucci to Chanel let their whimsy take flight and introduce imitation pearls into their collections. These enormous orbs are excellently editorial and become signature statement pieces the instant they hit the runway. But size isn’t everything. These imitation oversized pearls lack the one quintessentially pearl characteristic: luster. Spey never compromises on this most lauded of pearl qualities.

Spey pearls are naturally and brilliantly lustrous – that’s because we allow an oyster to do what it does best: slowly but surely, spin layer after layer of rich nacre to form a pearl. Why try to imitate what nature has perfected? If you want larger pearls, let them spend longer in the mollusk. It’s as simple as that.

A Washington, DC woman of discerning taste will be able to distinguish the real from the fake. And while there may be a time and a place for oversized pearls in the wardrobe, there is simply no replacement for the real thing. For pearls of true character and quality, turn to Spey.

Image: Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. Credit: Vogue.com