White, Silver, and Golden Globes

White, Silver, and Golden Globes from Spey Jewelry in Washington, DC

Awards season is officially upon us. The Golden Globes, running its course rather uneventfully this last weekend in Hollywood, heralds what sometimes may seem to be one very, very long red carpet that leads straight through to the Sag Awards, Grammys, and Oscars. While sometimes we’re left wondering why one nominee was passed over for another, and while other times we’re left to ruminate over a tweet-provoking acceptance speech, we at Spey are always excited to see the jewels.

The red carpet to an awards ceremony like the Golden Globes is our stage. That’s because it is one long parade of the talented, the celebrated, and the inspirational – all dressed to the nines in the latest from Paris, New York and Milan. And what pairs exceptionally well with haute couture and breathtaking gowns? Spey pearls, my dear.

Not all golden globes sit within a display case; some rest within a jewelry box. Yes, pearls: those delightfully chic spheres in cascading natural shades of white, pastel, gold, pistachio, and aubergine – all uniformly arranged and delicately draped. Spey pearls are the perfect addition to a red carpet look. Whether high-glamour, chicly demure, or positively radiant (cue: the lovely Sienna Miller, pictured), a decadent strand of pearls (like the South Sea beauties on Ms. Miller) is always appropriate.

The red carpet is also an excellent time to bring a little drama with the jewels. The Cushion ring, Marquise earrings, and Gala earrings from Spey are all show-stopping pieces that can rise above the clamor of an event like the Golden Globes – and ensure the award for best jeweled. But if you missed the guest list for the upcoming awards or if your invitation was lost in the mail, fret not. There are plenty of opportunities here in Washington, DC and across the nation for looking absolutely fabulous in your Spey pearl jewelry.