Spey Rings in the New Year with New Diamond and Pearl Rings Collection

New Pearl Rings from Spey of Washington DC

January, being a time of resolution and anticipation, is the perfect time to decide that the year ahead will be one of joyous occasions and bubbly dispositions. At least, those are what we wish for at Spey. And to keep these thoughts at hand – quite literally – no matter the month or season, we’ve composed a collection of diamond and pearl rings with fabulous design and brilliant luster. Ooh, la la!

Pearl rings are an excellent statement piece. Worn with a casual ensemble and you uplift jeans and a t-shirt to the extraordinary. Worn with a gown or a power suit and you’ll be a standout in any crowd. That’s because a pearl ring is so…different. Being an organic gem, a pearl is a natural wonder that, when brought together with gold and diamond at Spey, is as unique as you are.


On the Other Hand

What makes a pearl ring truly adaptable? One of the most delightful reasons to wear pearl rings is simply because they may be worn on any finger and on either hand. You decide how traditional or fabulous your statement will be. An index finger makes a customary home, while a pearl ring on your pinky finger lends a touch of je ne sais quoi to the outfit. Thumb? Why, yes please. We absolutely adore finding new ways to wear pearls.

From the enigmatic Cluster pearl ring boasting three pearls in harmonizing hues, to the stylish simplicity of the Eternity pearl ring, the Spey collection offers pearl rings for every taste and occasion. Drawn to architecture? Explore the Constellation pearl ring. Want to be one-of-a-kind? Add the breathtaking beauty of the Cushion pearl ring to your wardrobe and you’ll stop traffic with the flick of a wrist.


Custom Pearl Rings from Spey

Want to customize your Spey ring? Drop us a note! We’d be delighted to find the perfect pearl, metal, and accent stones for your dream ring. After all: the world is your oyster. Grab it by the pearls.