What Shop Small Means to Spey

What Shop Small Means to Spey in Washington DC

It’s Small Business Saturday and today we celebrate our neighbors in DC who, like Spey, have set up shop to make Washington a better place. Supporting local businesses means that more resources and energy stay in the community we love. It means that education and the arts receive the funding they need. It means that roads and parks are maintained for public use. And it means that each time you shop small, you’re helping the District thrive.

One of our favorite neighbors, Hu’s Wear (and Hu’s Shoes!) in Georgetown, is on our list for places to shop small today. Why? Because not only do they carry a capsule collection of Spey fine pearl jewelry (pictured), but they also boast some of the most well regarded clothing, accessories and footwear brands in the world. Anyone on your list would be delighted to have a gift under the tree from Spey and Hu’s.

Of course, the adage that good things come in small packages holds true today, too. To shop small suggests a gift of pearls is in order, giving the lucky lady in your life (which just might be you) the delicious anticipation of opening a jewelry box and pulling out something lustrous. Pearls are the perfect encapsulation of all that Small Business Saturday stands for. Compared in size to a television or a roadster, pearls are small, yes, but they are meaningful.

Pearls represent an entire industry devoted to the sustainability and biodiversity of the world’s oceans. They stand for equitable, skilled employment and fair labor. They campaign against deforestation (which causes runoff and pollutes the oceans). And particularly with Spey, pearls stand for a more lustrous future filled with art, ballet, opera, and the symphony.

So before hitting the big department stores and chains this holiday season, take a bit of extra care and shop small. We guarantee the shopping will be so much more delightful, and the experience will be rewarding to the community at large. If someone in your life asked Santa for pearls, we’d be delighted to show you something lustrous. It’s always a good day to wear pearls!