Black Friday? How About Black Pearl Friday

Black Friday Tahitian Pearls from Spey

If you’re much like us and cannot entertain the idea of queuing at four o’clock in the morning for electronics, then take it easy this Black Friday with a gift from Spey. After the turkey and the cranberry and the stuffing have been put away (not to mention all those delicious pies), it’s time to relax and enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Don’t fight for a deal; give a gift that’s real, like a piece of fine jewelry from the Spey pearl collection. To help jump start your Black Friday, now through November 25, 2016, take 10 percent off the collection of Tahitian pearl jewelry from Spey. Why? Because Black Friday was meant for black pearls.

Of course, Tahitian pearls aren’t really black at all. They abound in richly enigmatic colors like peacock, aubergine and pistachio. The blanket designation of black really only came about because of their dark contrast to the more iconic white akoya pearl, but Tahitian pearls deserve their lustrous place in the jewelry box. The pearls that emerge from the waters of French Polynesia, and more specifically from the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, are fascinatingly iridescent. Flashes of purple, green, blue and grey dance across body colors of gunmetal and smoke. Each is a tantalizing orb that simply brims with beauty. At Spey, we cannot help but make exquisite pearl jewelry from such brilliant inspiration.

The classicists might prefer the always-in-vogue Tahitian peacock pearl or multicolor pearl strand. Others of more individual taste might gravitate toward the captivating Tahitians greys. And we haven’t met a person yet who could resist Tahitian pearls enrobed in white gold and diamonds for an earring or pendant. So this Black Friday, press the snooze button (or leave the alarm clock unplugged) and enjoy 10 percent off the Spey collection of fine Tahitian pearl jewelry. Simply type the code ‘BPF’ (for Black Pearl Friday, naturally) during checkout. Every outfit is better when it’s dripping in pearls.