Correcting a Saggy Strand: What To Do If Your Pearls Are Stretched

The Saggy Strand: What To Do If Your Pearls Are Stretched - Spey

There are many reasons why we at Spey love pearls: the luster, the timelessness, the suitability for every occasion – we could go on and on. But more than any other jewel or gemstone, pearls are treasured for generations. A strand of pearls may be handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter to granddaughter. The silk that binds each pearl together comes to embody the continuation of the family across time and distance. But just like the rogue child who moves far from the nest, sometimes the space between pearls in a strand gets wider and wider. Good news for you: a stretched strand may be mended.

It behooves us to first discuss the tie that binds Spey pearls together. These days, soft synthetic fibers may be knotted between pearls to prevent abrasion, but silk is the traditional material. Strong enough for longevity, yet supple enough for fluidity, a silk knot between each pearl keeps the strand securely together while keeping the pearls safely apart. Over time, however, silk may become brittle, caked with cosmetics and grime, or stretched under the weight of your pearls. Never fear.

If you have a strand of pearls that shows too much string, it can be fixed. When you notice a gap between a knot and a pearl, simply take your strand into a pearl-focused jeweler like Spey. Your pearls will be cleaned and your strand will be restrung and re-knotted. This preserves the integrity of the jewelry and prevents that oh-so-petrifying experience of a broken strand and scattered pearls. For the lucky ladies who are gifted legacy jewelry, a strand of pearls is a heartfelt reminder of the love of women past. Just be sure to regularly check if the strand is stretched and restring, if needed. Here’s to many more generations of fabulous women in pearls.