Spey x Hu’s Wear

Looking for Spey? Shop Hu's Wear in Georgetown

We love festooning the most powerful women in the world in fabulous pieces of fine pearl jewelry. Particularly as the seasons change, we couldn’t agree more with Dorothy Parker: “When I’m cold, I just put another rope of pearls on.” Sometimes, however, a lady needs a bit more to wear than pearls. That’s why we’re thrilled to present a capsule collection of Spey pearl jewelry at Hu’s Wear.

Hu’s Wear has long been regarded as the go-to address for high fashion in Washington. Together with its sister boutique Hu’s Shoes (just a short stroll away on M Street), Hu’s Wear presents bold, creative styles that defy the ordinary. Owner Marlene Hu Aldaba handpicks each piece within her stores (from fashion meccas like Paris, Milan and New York) to bring exquisite style to DC.

Now, you can shop Spey alongside your favorite designers and fashion houses, including Fendi, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Tom Ford, and Manolo Blahnik, among others. Hu’s Wear brings it all together under one roof – or two, rather, as you simply must slip into the fabulous footwear at Hu’s Shoes. The craftsmanship of the collections, the timelessness of the styles, and the attentiveness of the Hu’s Wear staff make these boutiques a must for every fashionable Washingtonian.

What Spey pieces are available at Hu’s Wear? Our ready-to-wear line of richly enigmatic Tahitian pearls wrapped in white gold and diamonds are quivering with anticipation for you to try them on. Then, complete the look with the excellent clothing, handbags and accessories that surround you. With Spey and Hu’s Wear on your side, you’ll be the stand-out best dressed at those upcoming holiday parties and engagements.

For more on Spey retailers and to plan your visit to Hu’s Wear, explore our stockists. The world is your oyster when the Spey collection is at your fingertips.