A Little Bit Retro and a Whole Lot Fabulous

A Little Bit Retro and a Whole Lot Fabulous with Spey

October is the unofficial time for letting loose with your style and exploring a little sartorial freedom. It’s no coincidence the month culminates in Halloween. As wardrobes transition from carefree summer days to the heaviness of winter, fashionistas are given a rare opportunity of blending and layering. Mild weather permits brave combinations. What’s more, that unpacking of boxes and reshuffling of closets often reveals lost or forgotten treasures: fabulous fashions from eras past. Enchanté, retro chic!

Retro-inspired looks are cropping up like daisies on runways from New York to Paris to Milan. Everyone seems to be pining for a simpler, more carefree time. And what’s wrong with that? We happen to draw the line at bell-bottoms, but there are a lot of good vibes in 60s-70s style: Aviators, funky jackets, and neckerchiefs, to name a few. We love to blend these with modern pieces, tease the hair just enough, and don lustrous strands of Spey pearls to complete the look. The result? A retro style that feels just as fresh and as relevant today.

If you’d like to channel your inner flower-power, but are more reserved in your business attire, try the dainty Spey flora earrings. Diamond and white gold rosettes allude to a playful spirit and suspend two deep, rich Tahitian pearls. The lustrously gunmetal-green pearl earrings add a delightful quiver of movement just below the ear. Then, pair with a draping strand of matinee-length pearls for a complete look that feels equal parts romantic and modern. The retro fashion trend seems here to stay. Embrace it, wear it, love it, and bring back that laid back spirit from yesteryear. After all, the past has made you the incredible woman you are today. Celebrate that momentum and joie de vivre with Spey pearls.

Image: Gucci Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Credit: Vogue.com