Make It Fascinating: How to Style a Pearl Necklace with a Brooch

How to Style a Pearl Necklace with a Brooch from Spey

No occasion is too grand or too intimate for a strand of lustrous Spey pearls. A pearl necklace is the perfect accessory for an evening dinner for two, or a heated boardroom debate, or a night at the symphony. But sometimes, a lady just likes to spice things up a bit. How do you turn a classic strand of pearls into an individual statement piece? Simply add a brooch. Here, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to style a pearl necklace with that most ladylike of accessories.

The brooch has been a power-accessory for many a Washingtonian woman. One need not look any further than former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for a lesson on how to use the brooch as a visual way to deliver a message. Her use of the bauble to convey her emotions or stance on a position is legendary – her bejeweled row with Saddam Hussein is a hallmark of trouncing enmity with style. A brooch such as this makes a bold statement, but it need not only be relegated to fasten a shawl or to pin on the shoulder.

Begin by donning a solitary strand of your favorite pearls, or even multiple strands that are braided or draped at different lengths (as pictured). Next, choose a brooch that complements your overall look, or for a more dramatic focal point that captures the eye, choose one that contrasts. Brooches come in a myriad of styles, tones, sizes and shapes – new or vintage, for that extra touch of nostalgia. The classic choice would be an antique cameo or a dainty blossom.

A brooch can be added just at the nape of the neck to cover the necklace clasp (leaving the room wanting more as you bid your adieus), or off-centered to bring movement and interest above the décolletage. Wherever it is placed, remember that as organic gems, your pearls are sensitive to scratches and abrasions. Gently unhinge the brooch pin and slide it between two pearls. Try to limit the number of times you fasten and refasten the brooch by first deciding where it should be properly placed. This will protect your pearls from any undue scrapes or scuffs.

The weight of the brooch as you wear it might mean that it slowly migrates to rest at the bottom center of the necklace, but any well-heeled lady knows how to discreetly flash a glance at a mirror and adjust accordingly. Adding an enhancer or fascinator to a strand of pearls is a playfully chic way of transitioning a pearl necklace between looks or occasions. If you’ve never known how to style a pearl necklace to keep up with your modern life, explore adding a brooch. You’ll open up a thousand possibilities. Happy styling!

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