Military Regulations on Jewelry

Follow Military Regulations on Jewelry with Spey Pearls of Washington, DC

From our home in Washington, DC, Spey has the distinction of festooning some of the most powerful women in the world in lustrous pearl jewelry. Many of the custom pieces we create for Washingtonians are limited only by the imagination and whim of the fabulous individuals the jewels adorn. But there are some members of our distinguished community that are held to more conservative attire: the men and women of our uniformed armed forces.

One need not look too far in DC before happening across a dapper serviceman or woman. The crisp pleating and impeccable tailoring (not to mention the flash of medals and regalia) inspire within us a profound respect and awe for those who defend our freedom. At Spey, we consider America’s troops our family. It is a matter of course, then, that we proudly supply pearls that follow military regulations on jewelry. For those on active duty who want that little touch of luster, Spey is the first choice.

Military regulations on jewelry are, expectedly, rather straightforward and concise. The standard guide to the wear and appearance of uniforms and insignia comes directly from the Pentagon. The uniformed services adhere to a discipline that is judged, in part, by the manner in which a soldier wears his or her prescribed uniform. A spruce and well-trimmed appearance is a building block of the regimental pride and national patriotism intrinsic to the strength of our military.

Unless otherwise prohibited for safety or health, military regulations on jewelry permit a watch, an identification bracelet, and a total of two rings (an engagement and wedding band set is considered as one). Conservative appearance and good taste must be considered, for jewelry must be judged to be demure and of no distraction. Body piercings are strictly forbidden – the only exception is given to servicewomen, who are permitted earrings. But not all earrings are allowed.

Earrings may affix snuggly against the ear by post, screw, or clip and be fashioned in gold, silver, white pearl, or diamond. Total exposed diameter (did we mention the earrings must be round?) should not exceed 6mm, or roughly one-quarter inch. Military regulations on jewelry stipulate that earrings must be worn as a matched pair, with only one earring per lobe. Naturally, the Spey akoya pearl stud earrings (as pictured) are a classic (and sanctioned) choice. Our exceptional craftsmanship ensures that the pearl studs stand up to this most demanding lifestyle.

At Spey, we recognize that men and women in uniform spend years from their families so that we may live comfortably with ours. It is an honor to help those on active duty experience just a little bit of the comforts we in DC all-too-often take for granted. Spey ensures that the lustrous pearl is available and up to code with military regulations on jewelry for exactly that reason.