The Spey White Before Labor Day Sale

Spey White Before Labor Day Sale

Perhaps you’ve heard whispers, witnessed scant glances from across the way, or found yourself admonished for that most egregious of fashion sins: slipping into something white after Labor Day. Quelle horreur! One might simply faint from incredulity. Of course, we’re embellishing just a little. Past are the days when wearing white after the first Monday in September was unforgiveable.

These days, with wools, tweeds and cashmeres in an array of “winter whites” and pale hues, this long-established fashion faux pas has been relinquished to merely a good idea. After all, the soggy, murky streets after a snow or cold rain is certainly no place for a bone white stiletto. But we at Spey have always lived by a humble corollary to this rule and we think Emily Post would most emphatically agree: pearl is the perfect white before and after Labor Day.

To celebrate this, our very own sub-clause to the edict, Spey is releasing brilliantly lustrous, perfectly round, and classically elegant akoya pearl strands at half off. Half off! Now through Labor Day (Sept. 5 this year), shop for this jewelry box essential and enjoy 50 percent off each purchase, with our compliments. A piece of fine akoya pearl jewelry is the quintessential accessory for a polished, chic look.

Scuttle on over to our celebrated jewelry collection to explore the Spey selection of fine akoya pearl strands. Each measures 18 inches (the perfect princess length) and boasts pearls of exceptional quality and luster. Choose from three glistening, excellently matched pearl sizes: 6-6.5mm, 8-8.5mm, or 9.5-10mm, nestled side-by-side in a single strand.

Japanese akoya pearls are synonymous with harmony, symmetry, and flawlessness and at half off, your early Labor Day purchase will feel just as good as it looks. A subtle overtone of blush pink over an ethereal eggshell white gives your pearls an enchanting allure that dares to say: White after Labor Day? Only if it’s pearl.